Why Use Organic Coffee Enema?

Image of organic coffee enema by Coffee-enema.netCoffee enemas for health

Many enema experts recommend the use of an organic coffee enema solution and for good reasons. You might think that it doesn’t really matter whether you use organic or regular coffee for your enema solution which simply isn’t the case. Yes regular coffee may be cheaper and more accessible but it isn’t nearly as beneficial as that of its organic counterpart. How exactly is this so?

What makes organic coffee enema better?

Now if you’re doing enema for benefits such as detox and coffee enema weight loss then you’d want to know that you have a much better chance of reaping such benefits if you’re using organic coffee for your enema solution.

Keep in mind that coffee is a highly sought after commodity around the world. According to Business Insider, its a $20 billion dollar industry and one that is told to soar even higher in the years to come. Given such a demand, people have had to make compromises between quality and cost. Your regular coffee is the result of that compromise and often produced using industrial-grade chemicals from insecticides to crop fertilizers. Hence buying regular coffee as a part of your enema supplies for detox is a big step backwards when you’re undergoing a holistic health treatment only to introduce more toxins into your body.

Of course even without the chemicals, quality isn’t nearly the same when you’re doing coffee enemas for health and wellness. Regular coffee just doesn’t have the same levels of antioxidants as the organic variety. Coffee enemas work because they serve to boost liver and colon functions to remove stubborn toxin deposits in the body. Needless to say, the quality of caffeine in the solution certainly matters and effective quantities of it can only be found in an organic coffee enema solution.

Yes organic coffee will tend to cost you more just like everything else that is organically produced these days. However you’d want to ask yourself this – what is the point of undergoing a holistic health treatment if you’re going to use artificially grown substances to go along with it?

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